PVC material V’s timber plantation shutters

PVC have the look and feel of wood and are an alternative to timber and they are great for wet area’s such as laundry’s and bathrooms. However, a myth we would like to debunk – they are not a cheaper product than timber in terms of cost, we are quite often asked for PVC shutters because of price but the material costs for PVC are still very much the same as timber. PVC shutters are a lot heavier than timber so that means the maximum width panel size 750mm wide compared to our timber product that will cater up to 1000mm wide. In our opinion, you are getting better value for money with timber as it is a superior product.

Please just do your research and ensure you compare the 2 material types carefully and choose the one that will suit your home best? Often people are spending a lot of money on quality fixtures and fittings in their new homes, it doesn’t make any sense to then put a plastic shutter on the windows?? The alcatraves in your home are always made from timber so we feel it makes much more sense to finish the windows off with a timber product and get a better return on your investment?