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Pet Proof Fly Screens – Myth or Reality?

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Have you ever heard of “pet proof fly screens”? If you have a pet, you know what it is like to have a furry friend wreaking havoc around the home. This includes those lovely holes you might find in your fly screen after a night of howling. Sound familiar? Like many of us, you might want to pet-proof your entire home, and your screens are not the exception. Clients often ask us whether it is realistic to find a pet proof fly screen option. Is there such a thing as a cat proof fly screen? Or a dog proof fly screen? The short answer is yes! But let’s go into a bit more detail.

Can I survive without pet proof fly screens?

Our furry friends often tend to scratch the doors, either to get outside or to get inside the home. While it might seem like an impossible mission, there are some things that can protect your fly screen doors from your pet. Let’s talk about some ways to prevent your pets from scratching your fly screen doors.

How do you keep your pet away from your screen doors?

Pets are inquisitive by nature. They often explore their surroundings with curiosity without much care for the hard-earned cash spent on any home renovations or improvements. At Bosetti, we have you and your screen doors covered.

Pet Proof Fly Screens - Myth or Reality

Here are four ways you can prevent your pet from ruining your fly screen:

  1. Purchase high quality pet proof fly screens

Are you looking for the cheapest option to prevent further damage? Purchasing pet proof fly screens is your best bet in the long run. Pet proof fly screens have the thickness that makes them pet-proof.

Bosetti has a quality option for your pet proof fly screens. The Paw Proof Pet Fly Screens provide a paw-proof mesh with fire-resistant qualities to protect your home. The Paw Proof mesh has a PVC coating, making it the longest outdoor life of any mesh. It is non-flammable and suitable for bushfire prone areas. So, you can achieve double protection for your home in one go. The screen of your dreams can satisfy your design goals while providing ultimate protection and functionality for your home.

Do you want to prevent damage by pets? This is worthy investment!

  1. Identify the reason for the scratching

Whether you have a cat or a dog, animals will often have a reason to scratch a fly screen. Cats, for instance, might scratch at screen doors to sharpen their claws. If so, providing your cat with an alternative place such as a scratching post (in a few areas in the home) might be a deterrent from the fly screen. Dogs, on the other hand, might scratch your fly screens for attention or as a call to get in or out of the house. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, addressing the issue might serve as an initial step to keep the premises scratch-free.

Bonus tip: Add some cat nip to the scratching post, your cat won’t resist it!

  1. Trim their nails

While some fly screens might be thinner than others, cutting your pet’s nails will ensure their nails have a reasonable length. Your cat’s or dog’s claws might need some TLC. By keeping them from being extremely sharp, you can ensure they do not penetrate through the screens.

  1. Provide an exit point

Whatever the reason for the scratching, installing a pet door will give your pet the ability to get in and out of the house hassle-free. The smell of green grass and fresh air might entice your pet, so make it easier for them to get outside. Our Paw Proof Pet proof screen can be customised to fit a pet door.

Just be aware that under Australian standards, security screen doors which include a pet door do not qualify as a true security screen door.

What are the benefits of installing a pet proof screen door?

Dogs and cats are wonderful additions to your family, but the scratch on your fly screens can certainly become a nuisance. Understanding the benefits of a pet proof fly screen will save you money, headaches and even extra clean up that might come with dirty paws.

Let’s look at the benefits of a pet proof fly screen:

  • Prevent destruction
    Pet proof fly screens are a fantastic solution to prevent destruction to your home. Materials used for pet proof screen doors are strong and resistant. The Bosetti Paw Proof Screen Door, for instance, has a PVC coating that makes it seven times stronger than regular screens. In this way, your screen door will be safe from your cat or dog claws.
  • Maintain visibility and airflow
    When speaking of pet proof fly screens, homeowners often wonder whether this will hinder their visibility or airflow into the home. While the strands are thicker, they will not hinder the visibility into your backyard as the strands are set further apart. Although the gaps are wider, they will still prevent any pests from sneaking through the screens too.
  • Pest prevention
    We’ve slightly touched on this topic, but it is worth mentioning that the Bosetti pet proof fly screen provides good insect protection. While it provides sturdy protection from pet scratches and fair airflow, it prevents any flies or mosquitoes from passing through. Our fly screens are the perfect solution in and out season!
  • Easy installation
    Installing pet proof fly screens is as simple as installing regular screens. The Bosetti team can work with you to design and install a pet proof fly screen that fits your existing door(s) and enclosure frames. Our team is qualified and professional, and our screens are made from high quality materials.
  • Provides a fire-resistant option
    The Bosetti Paw Proof Mesh is a pet proof fly screen that not only has the longest outdoor life of any mesh but is also a non-flammable, fire-rated fly screen. It is suitable for bushfire prone areas. Keep pets from damaging your flyscreens with this ‘Paw Proof’ mesh option!
Pet Proof screen doors - Bosetti Blinds

What are the features of the Bosetti pet proof fly screen?

Paw Proof Mesh Fire Rated Window Screens have S/S 316 weave with PVC coating. It has the longest outdoor life of any mesh. It is a non-flammable, fire-rated fly screen. This screen is suitable for bushfire prone areas complies with AS3959, BAL-40.

  1. Visibility: Slightly darkens room
  2. Airflow: Fair
  3. Durability: Best – very high resistance to cats and dog scratches.
  4. Aesthetics: Fair
  5. Insect protection: Good
  6. Suitable for insect types: Flies & mosquitoes

Keep pets from damaging your fly screens with this ‘Paw Proof’ mesh option!

What’s Next?

You’ll find a variety of fire rated fly screens at Bosetti Blinds – we can help you find the right set of fly screens that suit your needs and budget.

Finding the right pet proof fly screen has never been easier. With the Bosetti team, you will find expertise, quality and professionalism every time.

Contact Bosetti Blinds, Shutters and Awnings 1300 997 409 today. 

Selecting the best pet proof fly screen option can be an easy process if you work with the best in the industry. If you have any questions about pet proof fly screens, or how to select the best blinds for your home, we can help!

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