What is a realistic Warranty timeframe for window furnishings?

We find throughout the quoting process, potential customers are often comparing the warranty that the many different companies are offering, especially when it comes to plantation shutters. Some of the ones we see offered are not at all realistic from a commercial point of view and are also quite often not ones they can or will follow through on.

We are often guided by our supplier partners on the warranty of all our products and they can vary, however a realistic and truthful warranty for this industry should be anywhere from 2-5 years. If a company tells you they offer a 20 year + or lifetime warranty, you would have to question if in 10, 15, 20 + years time that company is still even operating? Furthermore, if you were to contact them in 10 years time with an issue, do you honestly feel they would be willing to service your products? Businesses are encouraged by law to archive their work every 5 years, so if they are doing the right thing the chances of a company still having your details and information on hand after this time is not likely.

Please do your due diligence, ask for the company warranty which should be upfront and transparent with exactly what is covered under the warranty. It makes sense to ensure the warranties on offer are realistic to what the company can achieve and fair to the customer. We offer a 5-year warranty on all our products and we provide a guaranteed and honest after-sales service, and as an associate member of the BMAA we work in accordance with their industry guidelines. More information on the guidelines can be found at the BMAA website.

Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia