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How to Clean and Care for Your Plantation Shutters

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Blinds are a key feature for any home. The right blinds can add appeal to any room while providing protection from the heat and other outside disruptions. However, when it comes to maintenance, few people know how to clean plantation shutters properly. The good thing about plantation shutters is that they do not require extensive maintenance. If you do maintain them regularly, you will save your shutters from damage over time.

Learning how to clean plantation shutters adequately will extend their lifetime. You might have some questions about the cleaning process, the products, and more. That is why we have created this essential guide on how to clean plantation shutters, so you can maintain their pristine look for their whole lifetime. This guide will show you tips, tricks and things to avoid when it comes to caring for your plantation shutters

There are a few ways you can remove dust from your blinds.


There are a few ways you can remove dust from your blinds. The first one is to use a feather duster. Carefully run the duster between each blind, both top and bottom. You can also opt to use a dry cloth to clean your shutters.

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, pop the upholstery attachment onto your vacuum. Then run the attachment along the shutters to remove any dust or dirt. The vacuum will also be useful to clean any debris that falls on the floor.

Bonus tip:

Did you know that dryer sheets prevent dust from sticking to your shutters? Run a dryer sheet, top and bottom of the shutter. It will reduce the build-up of dust in the future.

To clean dirt ad grime from your plantation shutters run the sock or cloth slowly over the blinds

Dirt & Grime

There is an easy solution to clean dirt and grime from your shutters. Add some white vinegar to a bowl full of water. Mix one-part vinegar and one-part water.

Once the solution is ready, grab a cloth or even an unused, clean sock, and dip it in the solution. Wring the cloth until it’s only damp, not dripping. Plantation shutters are usually made from wood. That is why it’s important to avoid any excess water on your shutters. Any excess water damages the wood. So, your cloth should just barely be damp.

Run the sock or cloth slowly over the blinds. The solution should remove any grime or dirt stains from the surface. If your blinds are very dirty, keep a second cloth nearby for use. Wipe until your cloth or sock runs clean. Then you will know you have finished the job.

White vinegar is an eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner. It’s also an easy find in any home. When learning how to clean plantation shutters, you quickly realise this is quite affordable.

Be Aware of the Surroundings

One thing to consider is that different spaces within the home will present different cleaning needs. Shutters in the kitchen, bathroom and dining areas easily accumulate more grease, food particles, and other kinds of dirt and grime. Make sure you clean these spaces weekly.

You can always visit the experts at Bosetti for more advice on how to clean plantation shutters. Bosetti has exclusive products and brands. We are committed to your satisfaction, so we offer manufacturer warranties and provide repairs.


What Not to Do

When you’re learning how to clean plantation shutters, it’s easy to make mistakes. But you can avoid some big mishaps by learning from the experts. Here are three tips to easily follow:

  • Avoid using water. We briefly touched on this already, but you will want to avoid water for wood shutters. Water causes the wood to become warped or even discoloured.
  • Avoid heavy cleaning liquids. Generally, liquid cleaners have a range of chemical substances that might harm the condition of your plantation shutters. White vinegar is a better choice, and even this solution would only be recommended when the plantation shutters are very dirty.
  • Clean your plantation shutters regularly. When you make it a habit to dust your plantation shutters once a week, you cut off the need for heavy use of liquid cleaners. Plantation shutters should be kept from moisture as much as possible.
Bosetti Outdoor Aluminium shutters

How to Clean Plantation Shutters made from Different Materials

Shutters can be made from aluminium, wood, faux wood, and vinyl. Shutters made from different materials require virtually the same cleaning process. Your plantation shutters should be closed as flat as possible during the cleaning process. Work your way across each slat from the top to the bottom. Often, people forget to clean the windowsill, too. Don’t forget to give the windowsill a good wipe.

Also, don’t forget to rotate the slats and clean them. Cleaning your plantation shutters is a process. But when you get into a cleaning rhythm, your home reflects it beautifully.

For real wood shutters, opt for a wood polish or lemon oil. The ingredients in these solutions should preserve the natural quality of the wood.

Plantation Shutters to Match Your Needs

Periodic cleaning will keep your shutters looking new.

Now that you’ve learned how to clean plantation shutters, you might want to consider other options. If your shutters need an upgrade, the Bosetti team has your back. Plantation shutters are an investment for the home. Who says you can only have style and not affordability? With Bosetti, your investment will let you enjoy both. We will work with you to meet your preferences and needs within your budget.

Bosetti has a variety of plantation shutters as well as blinds and awnings to enhance any space. Our plantation shutters are custom designed to meet functionality standards. Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions you might have.

The Bosetti team specialises in window furnishings that match your needs. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation and answer all your questions.

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