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5 Tips on How to Clean Your Roller Blinds

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If you’ve recently installed roller blinds in your home, you may be wondering how to keep your new investment in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Thankfully, cleaning roller blinds is easier than you might think! A little bit of regular TLC can go a long way to keeping your blinds looking good as new.

Roller blinds are useful as they offer UV protection around the year while also providing privacy. This is a versatile option that regulates the indoor temperature in both summer and winter. If you’re hoping to learn how to clean roller blinds, our blinds experts have the right advice for you. Roller blinds should be cleaned consistently to maintain them in a pristine condition for as long as possible.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to clean roller blinds:

1. Check the material

Before putting any products on your roller blinds, it’s important to double-check the material they’re made from. Some materials can handle being submerged in water, whereas others will need to be spot cleaned. For example, blinds that are vinyl-treated will be able to withstand more water than an absorbent material. If you have any doubts, contact your blinds supplier and they will be able to give you the best advice on how to clean your roller blinds.

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2. Use a damp cloth

An easy way you can prolong the life of your roller blinds is by giving them a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. For best results, this should be done about once a week. Start by fully extending your roller blinds. Then, take a damp cloth and wipe them over the front and back of the blind. As you don’t need to use any chemicals and there’s no need to take the blind down, this is a quick and easy way to keep your blinds looking spotless. Finally, make sure your blinds are completely dry before retracting them to prevent mould growth.

how to clean roller blinds

3. Vacuum your roller blinds

Vacuuming your blinds is a great option for more absorbent materials that can’t take too much water. This should also be done weekly.

Again, start by fully extending your blinds. Then, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to go over both sides of the blind. Suck up any dust and grime that has gathered there over the past week. As this method doesn’t require water, you’re able to retract the blinds as soon as you’re done.

4. Engage in spot cleaning

Cleaning roller blinds is easy with spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is another excellent option if your blinds are unable to take much water. This is an effective cleaning method if you’re just looking to attack some small marks or stains.

To spot clean, mix a solution of water and laundry detergent or upholstery cleaner. Take a small amount on a sponge or old toothbrush and gently scrub the affected areas. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test first on an inconspicuous part of the blind, just to make sure the products you’re using won’t fade the colour or cause the fabric to pill.

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5. Remember to deep clean once in a while

Deep cleaning roller blinds is the most effective way to keep them looking new. If you’re regularly wiping down, vacuuming or spot cleaning your blinds, you should only need to deep clean them about once a year.

Deep cleaning roller blinds is the most effective way to keep them looking new.

Deep cleaning your blinds can be completed in a few simple steps:

  • Take your blinds down. Have a look at where the blinds attach to the bracket. You should be able to detach part of the bracket and slide the blind off.
  • Wipe down or vacuum. This ensures any dust or dirt sitting on the surface is removed before soaking.
  • Patch test. If you haven’t spot-cleaned before, apply the solution that you’re planning to soak your blinds in on a small, inconspicuous area.
  • Soak. Fill up the bathtub or laundry sink with a combination of water and gentle laundry detergent. Make sure you have patch tested the solution before soaking. Lower the blinds into the tub.
  • Scrub. Gently scrub any areas that need a bit of extra care with an old toothbrush or soft brush.
  • Leave. Leave the blinds soaking for about an hour.
  • Rinse. Empty the bathtub of soapy water, and rinse down your blinds until all the bubbles are gone.
  • Dry. Hang your blinds over a drying rack or on the clothesline outside. DO NOT dry in a tumble drier!
  • Hang. Once your blinds are completely dry, reattach them to the bracket and hang them up again.

Remember that the best way to prevent further dirt and grime buildup is to allow for air-drying to happen. You want to make sure all moisture is gone for your blinds. It’s easier to keep your roller blinds clean when you’ve addressed persistent grime.

Cleaning your roller blinds can be an easy process if you just take a few minutes out of each week to make sure you’re giving them the care they deserve. If you have any questions about how to clean roller blinds, or how to select the best blinds for your home, we can help!

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