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What’s the best choice: Aluminium vs Timber Blinds?

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Blinds are a key feature for any home. The right blinds can add flair and elegance to your space, or make it seem dull and enclosed. When it comes to deciding which ones to choose, the debate between aluminium vs timber blinds can easily confuse you. That is why we’re here to help. At Bosetti, we believe in making your life simpler. We can help you pick the right blinds for your home. In this article, we’ll review some differences between aluminium vs timber blinds, and which ones might be the best option for your home.

Both venetian blinds and aluminium blinds have horizontally stacked blades with the ability to rotate 180 degrees. The attachment between the blades and the chords allows you to control the direction of their movement.

Yet, they have a distinct difference. The main difference between the two is not just the finish and material, but their feel.

Timber Venetian Blinds
Timber Venetian Blinds

In the debate between aluminium vs timber blinds, style experts often argue that aluminium blinds provide a more modern classic look whereas timber blinds might create a warmer, more traditional look. Both blinds have their advantages, so as we explore their benefits and specifications, think about what feel you’re going for. Would you like your home to feel more modern? Or more traditional with a warmer touch?

Overall, it’s important to note that you can’t go wrong with venetian blinds. They have a simple look giving your windows a versatile treatment that is easy to operate. Stylish and elegant, your space will gain general appeal.

What are the benefits of Bosetti timber blinds?

Timber blinds are beautifully designed and engineered with toughness that offers a multitude of benefits.


Timber blinds work well with virtually any décor, whether you trend toward classic traditional décor or contemporary chic, wood blinds complete the look. A visit by one of Bosetti’s experienced consultants to your home will open up a wealth of beautiful, top quality composite timber blinds.


In colour alone, there are 30 options, including paint, stains and natural finishes. The range includes ethereal whites to austere ebonies and colours in between, so there’s sure to be an option that will complement your house and wall colours.


Composite timber blinds are a joy to use as well as adding beauty to your house. Timber blinds are engineered tough, with synthetic materials that offer a multitude of benefits. Plus, you can be assured our blinds will complement your house and lifestyle for many years to come.

Biggest benefits: Great for temperature controlnoise reduction, and a warm feel.

Beautifully simple, yet incredibly stylish, the timber blind has a classic design that provides flair and flexibility. Plus, if you have a home that has timber features in floors or ceilings, the Timber blinds will complement the richness of this existing design. They can also blend well with timber décor or furniture.

What are the benefits of Bosetti aluminium blinds?

Aluminium blinds can give you the look and feel of freshness you’re going for. Here are some of their highlights when considering blinds for your home:


Crafted to look like timber blinds, you still can enjoy the texture and style of real wood in a material that fits your life. With a simple twist, aluminium blinds can be adjusted to provide ideal ambient light conditions and control privacy and security.


A key feature of aluminium blinds are their dazzling colour possibilities and cool-cat style. You can select your colour of preference based on what suits your space. With styles and colours including natural wood, subtle pastels, vibrant shades, striking metallic finishes and even abstract designs, you can choose a venetian blind to match almost any décor and any room colour.


Made to your personal specifications, aluminium blinds ensure the perfect finish for your living and relaxation spaces. Add to this the lightweight nature and strength of aluminium, and you have a blind that is great looking, never flimsy, and so reasonably priced you’ll probably put them in every room.

Biggest benefits: Maintenance-freesleek, and affordable.

Aluminium blinds have a durable construction that can withstand damage from external elements such as wind or sun. But timber blinds are also quite durable due to the nature of being quite resilient. The only drawback in aluminium blinds would be their cost, as they can cost more than timber blinds.

Essentially, choosing the best blinds for your space will depend on your preference. The current style of your home also has a part to play. What are some of the elements of your current décor and furnishings? While you might have a more traditional set-up, a more modern blind such as the aluminium blind might add a layer of freshness to the design. A timber blind, on the other hand, adds some warmth to the space, complementing both a cooler and a warmer set-up.

Why should you choose Bosetti?

  • Choose your blinds from Bosetti and you’ll never need to worry about your blinds fading, warping, or cracking.
  • Polymer and composite wood blinds are available in a variety of colours and stains.
  • Our customer service is of the highest regard, and it is our commitment to not only provide you with the highest quality products but also with a great experience.

Bosetti’s blinds are manufactured to the highest standards, so our composite timber venetians are a joy to use as well as adding beauty to your house. Plus, you can be assured our venetian blinds will compliment your house and lifestyle for many years to come.

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