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Blinds for Offices: Which Blinds Are Best for My Workplace?

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Choosing blinds for offices might seem like a menial task – however, whenever you walk into any space you get an immediate feel for the purpose of the space through the décor and colours and the feeling they inspire. This is one of the reasons you will want to make the right choice when choosing the design of your window treatments for your office space.

We can’t tell you straight out which blind would be best for your office. What we can do is tell you HOW to choose. If you think on the four points below your choice should become simple. Blinds for offices should be functional while still adding to your decor and the overall feel of a room.

1.     Function First

The first step is to think about why do I need blinds for offices? How do I need them to function?

Here are some functions you may need from your blinds:

  • Filter sunlight
  • Provide privacy
  • Provide insulation
  • Cut out glare
  • Complete light control
  • Ease of control/operation
  • Automation ability
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Each type of blind will offer different capabilities within these areas and offer a different feel to the design of the room. For example: If you’re needing to save on energy bills for cooling and heating, you may want to lean toward blinds that will help in that area. If you first work out the functional needs, you have your foundation for an easier choice.

2.     Consider Company Culture

What is the culture of your company? If you are on the more corporate side of professional presentation, your choices of blinds for offices will tend to be more tailored and uniform than if you work in a more personal, customer focussed company.

There are many companies now who are working hard in their offices to create spaces that people really want to work in. Bright and cheerful colours can be energising. You may want your staff to be energised at work. On the other hand, you may work in a more subdued field and bright colours aren’t an option in that case. You can still have a tailored, smart, modern look without going bright.  If you want a more traditional feel to the office choosing traditional style blinds and colours could be the right path to take.

Think about the values you want to convey as a first impression. You only get one chance to create a first impression.

What does the design of our space say about us?

3.     Determine Details

When you’ve decided which blinds or combination of blinds are going to work best in your office and you’ve got the branding solidified the next thing is details. Many people who are thinking about blinds for offices only think of ‘How much will it cost?’

If you look into how you want your office to function and most importantly the people in it, you may want to start a little further back than that question.

You want the final look to reflect your company and make customers and staff feel relaxed and motivated.

Why not start the whole process with a mood board? You can find textures, colours and images that create the feeling you want your office to have. This is going to help you tie it all together in the end and make those detail choices that will give the design polish.

How do you want your space to feel?

4.     Consider Colour

In a home setting, there are more limitations to which blind colours you might choose if you’re thinking long term.

In an office space, it’s likely that the colours you choose will only change if there is a dramatic re-branding of the company. So, don’t be afraid to try out some colour in your blinds! Blinds come in so many different shades and materials, it seems a shame to stick with plain and simple. Blinds for offices can be fun and energising or restrained and calming. You get to choose!

Mixing and matching your blinds and your colours could be a great way to inject some fun into your office space without sacrificing function.


Benefits of Blinds for Offices

  • They set the tone of the space whether professional, casual, cool and calm or vibrant and energising.
  • They can control the amount of sunlight, distracting or welcoming views and help with that all-important presentation by blacking out a room completely.
  • They can save you money in the long run. Insulating large windows using specially made blinds for offices can reduce your energy bills allowing you to put more of your finances where it’s best used.
  • Similar to a home environment, blinds for offices can also save you money long term when it comes to replacing old and faded furnishings. If you have the right blinds you’ll be replacing those furnishings a lot less often.
  • When you have just the right blinds for offices it can create ambience, increase productivity, reduce on-screen glare and help impress your clients.
  • They can also help with company morale. A beautiful space keeps your employees happier to come to work and research has shown that a happy employee is much more productive which in turn keeps the company growing and flourishing.


So, now we’ve given you a few pointers on how you could think about choosing blinds for your office. We hope you will be more confident to give designing your office space a try. If you still think you need our advice – we’re here to help. Give us a call today.

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